About Us

The Commitment our association shows

  • As a member of WAECSSA you will have a huge network of support all over the state, someone you can contact at the click of a keyboard (isn’t email a wonderful thing!).
  • So whether you are at a school in the metro area or on Cocos Island, up north or way down south, there is someone available to help – you are not alone!
  • Country members are not disadvantaged, PD is available to you in your area (talk to your Regional Cell Coordinator) and the annual Convention is a terrific place to network and get more PD.
  • Also if you are in another area, or in Perth for any reason, email a WAECSSA member in that area or a committee member, meet up with them for a coffee, visit their school, attend a committee meeting – don’t let distance discourage you from joining WAECSSA !

Vital role of committee members:

The Management Committee have various roles and responsibilities, however their major role is to support all members of WAECSSA . The committee is a strong team of Managers Corporate Services and School Officers dedicated to helping and supporting members in any way possible, to try and make your job easier. The Committee meet on the second Tuesday of the month – usually at Redcliffe PS – and meetings are open to all members, whether you have an issue to raise, or just want to see what we get up to!

Networking and Regional Cell Coordinators:

WAECSSA has many Regional Cell Coordinators (RCC’s) who play a vital role in disseminating information to all members, organising local PD and generally forging a close link to all schools. Networking with Managers Corporate Services and School Officers in your area and keeping in close contact with them enables you to be aware of everything happening, and gives you the opportunity to give and receive help if needed. Membership in WAECSSA means that you are no longer alone but part of a strong team of people who know and understand what you do, the problems you face on a daily basis – because they are you!

Our History

In March 1994 the initial attempts in beginning to raise the profile of the Primary School Registrar were made. Registrars with similar views were canvassed by June Johnson and formed a professional association to support the professional needs of the primary school Registrar.

An inaugural meeting was held in central office on Wednesday, 30th March and was attended by ten primary registrars. No time was wasted and interim committees were formed, a constitution written, gain incorporation status, fees set, plans for an AGM, plans to set up committees and run a conference, produce a newsletter and conduct a PD analysis.

By the next meeting Monday, 11th April many of these items were well underway and office bearers were elected to serve until the AGM in November when an election would take place. Our initial executive committee consisted of Bev Schubert (President), Kerry Sebbes (Vice President), Elsie Grygiel (Treasurer) andJune Johnston as Secretary. Joan Herbert, Carol Mason, Bev Johnson and Phyl Payne were the supporting committee who were also involved from the inaugural meeting. Many other members came quickly forward and together we held our first very successful and exciting Convention/AGM at the Burswood Centre in October.

The need to present a professional image and win respect from the Department was paramount in our success. These high ideal have been maintained by many talented, dedicated Registrars throughout our life and WASSRA looks set for a successful future.