1        GENERAL

1.1       The name of the Association is West Australian State School Registrars’ Association Inc.

1.2       All members of the Association shall be bound by this Constitution.


2.1       In this Constitution and any By-laws established pursuant to clause 18 of this Constitution the following words will, unless the context otherwise requires, have the meanings set out hereunder:

(a)          ‘Association’ means West Australian State School Registrars’ Association Inc.

(b)          ‘By-laws’ means any by-laws established pursuant to class 18 of this Constitution

(c)          ‘Constitution’ means the Constitution of the Association set out in this document.

(d)          ‘Member’ means any person qualified as such under the provisions of clause 6 of this Constitution.

2.2          Words implying a female person shall be deemed to have an equal application to a male person.

3        OBJECTS

The objects of the Association are to:

3.1          enhance the professional expertise and status of Administrative Support Staff and to improve the quality of administrative and financial management in WA public schools;

3.2          create fellowship of those engaged as Administrative Support Staff which will foster advancement in administrative and financial management, thought and practice and set before itself and the community the ethics of high professional responsibility and to provide a catalyst for workplace flexibility and reform;

3.3          organise and conduct regular meetings, conferences, forums and seminars for the advancement of education;

3.4          provide future-focused, sustainable support and professional development for members and persons who are eligible to be members;

3.5          collaborate with other associations to establish the right, and promote the ability, of administrative support staff to represent their views and concerns to Governments and the community, independently of employers and unions;

3.6          represent the interests of Members within the educational sector and the community;

4        POWERS

4.1       The powers conferred on the Association are the same as those conferred by section 13 of the Act, so that subject to the Act and any additions, exclusions ormodifications inserted below, the Association may do all things necessary or convenient for carrying out its objects and purposes, and in particular, may –

(b)        open and operate bank accounts;

(ii)        in any other manner authorised by the rules of the Association;

(e)        give such security for the discharge of liabilities incurred by the Association as the                         Association thinks fit;

(f)        appoint agents to transact any business of the Association on its behalf;

(g)        enter into any other contract it considers necessary or desirable;


5.1       The financial year of the Association shall end on April 30 each year.


6.1       There are three classes of Membership of the Association:

(a)          Ordinary Member

(b)          Associate Member

(c)          Life Member

6.2          Ordinary Membership shall be open to:

(a)        All substantive WA public school Administrative Support Staff

(b)        Acting Administrative Support Staff appointed to their position for a period of six    months or more

6.3          Associate Membership shall be open to:

(a)        Retired Administrative Support Staff who were Association members while employed by the Department of Education

(b)        Ordinary members of other national and international associations for administrative support staff

(c)        Those people who have held substantive positions as Administrative Support Staff in a WA public school, but currently occupy other administrative roles or hold positions in        other DoE directorates.

6.4          Life Membership shall be open to Members who have:

(a)        rendered long and valuable service to the Association and public education;

(b)        been nominated for Life Membership, in a manner to be prescribed by the             Management Committee, at least one month prior to the Annual General Meeting;

(c)        been elected as a Life Member at an Annual General Meeting by a majority of two-     thirds of those members present and entitled to vote.


7.1       Any person who is eligible to become a member of the Association shall become a member of the Association upon payment of the annual subscription

7.2       The Database Manager, on behalf of the Association, must comply with section 27 of the Act by keeping and maintaining in an up to date condition a register of the members of the Association and their postal or residential addresses and, upon the request of a member of the Association, shall make the register available for the inspection of the member and the member may make a copy of or take an extract from the register but shall have no right to remove the register for that purpose.

7.3       The register must be so kept and maintained at the Database Manager’s place of residence,  or at such other place as the Management Committee decide.

7.4       The Database Manager must cause the name of a person who dies or who ceases to be a member under rule 8 to be deleted from the register of members referred to in sub-rule (7.2).


8.1       Any member may resign from the Association by giving the Secretary written notice of    resignation. Membership shall terminate on a date one month after receipt of the notice or on such earlier date as may be specified in the notice.

8.2       The Management Committee may suspend a member from Membership of the Association if  in the opinion of the committee the member has:

(a)        willfully infringed any of the provisions of the constitution or bylaws;

(b)        engaged in unbecoming or dishonorable conduct; or

(c)        practiced conduct which is prejudicial to the good name of the Association.

8.3       Within ninety (90) days of the issue of the suspension notice under clause 8.2, the question of  further action against the member by way of exclusion or expulsion shall be decided at a   Special General Meeting.

8.4       A Member who resigns or whose Membership is suspended or terminated will not be entitled to any refund of Membership subscriptions paid in advance.


9.1       All annual subscriptions shall be due on February 1 each year at a rate decided    annually by the Management Committee

9.2       A member who has not renewed their membership when due may, at the discretion of the  Management Committee forfeit all privileges of membership of the Association until          arrears have been paid.

9.3       Subscription is nil for Life Members


10.1     The management and control of the affairs and operations of the Association will be managed by a Management Committee consisting of:

(a)        President who must be an Ordinary Member and hold a substantive administrative            support staff position in a primary public school

(b)        Two Vice Presidents who must be Ordinary Members and both hold substantive administrative support staff positions, one in a primary public school and one in a secondary public school

(c)       Secretary who must be an Ordinary Member and hold a substantive administrative           support staff position in a public school

(d)        Treasurer who must be an Ordinary Member and hold a substantive administrative           support staff position in a public school

(e)        six (6) other persons,all of whom must be Ordinary Members of the Association and        hold substantive administrative support staff positions in public schools

10.2     The Management Committee shall have a maximum of four (4) secondary school staff  members (including the Vice President) all other positions to be filled by primary school staff members.

10.3     Officers of the Management Committee shall carry out functional responsibilities which serve the needs of Members. The functional responsibilities, determined from time to time by the Management Committee, will form the basis for advertised positions on the Management Committee to be filled by election across the Membership.

10.4     The Management Committee shall meet as and when considered necessary but no less than twice per school term. Attendance by Officers can be in person or by telecommunication equipment.

10.5     A quorum for Management Committee shall be over 50% of the committee.

10.6     The President, or Chairperson as appropriate, shall have a deliberative as well as a casting vote in the negative.

10.7     Minutes of the Management Committee meetings shall be circulated to Committee Members within fourteen (14) days of the meeting.

10.8     The Management Committee shall have the power to form such sub-committees for particular  purposes as it shall see fit and for this purpose shall have the power to co-opt members or   other outside parties to serve on such sub-committees, providing that at least one (1) member  of the sub-committee is a member of the Management Committee. Such sub-committees shall have no power to commit the Association in any way, and will be limited to reporting to   the Management Committee or, where appropriate, to the Members in an Annual or Special General Meeting.

10.9     The Management Committee shall have the power to create portfolios representing specific         interest areas of the Association and to appoint, from the Officers of the Management Committee, Officers to manage those portfolios.

10.10   Each elected Officer shall hold office for a period of two (2) years commencing and concluding at the first Management Committee meeting to be held after the Annual General Meeting of the year of appointment. Those officers elected are eligible to re-elect if they wish to continue in that position.

10.11   Only Ordinary Members, with substantive public school administrative support officer positions, may be proposed and elected as Officers on the Management Committee.

10.12   Nominations for Management Committee shall close with the Secretary forty-five (45) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. All nominations for positions shall be in writing signed by the proposer and nominee.

10.13   In the event of no nominations being received, volunteers will be sought from the floor at the  Annual General Meeting.

11        ELECTIONS

11.1     Election for Management Committee shall be declared at the Annual General Meeting.

11.2     Elections for all members of the Management Committee shall be conducted and results  made known to candidates by the Returning Officer either during or after the Annual General  Meeting.

11.3     Voting shall be by simple majority where more than two nominations are received for each  vacant position.

11.4     Any vacancy of a Management Committee office shall be filled temporarily by the            Management Committee. Such appointment will cease at the next Annual General Meeting where the vacancy will be filled by the declaration of a new ballot.


12.1     Overall control of the affairs and operation of the Association shall rest with the Members at  Annual General Meetings.

12.2     Management and control of the affairs and operations of the Association between the dates of  Annual General Meetings shall rest with the Management Committee.


13.1     The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held during Annual Conference.

13.2     All Members shall be entitled to attend Annual General Meetings but only those classified as Life and Ordinary Members shall be entitled to vote.

13.2     A quorum at the Annual General Meeting shall consist of 25% of the aggregate total of the   Ordinary and Life Members of the Association in person. In the event of a quorum not being  present within thirty (30) minutes of the notified starting time the meeting shall be adjourned to  such a time and place to be decided by the Management Committee. Notice of such an  adjournment shall be notified to members at least seven (7) days prior to the adjourned  meeting being held. In the event of a quorum still not being present the business shall  proceed in accordance with the original agenda.

13.3     Notice of the date of the Annual General Meeting shall be circulated to all Members not less  than twenty eight (28) days prior to the meeting.

13.4     Business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall include:

(a)        to receive, confirm and amend where appropriate the minutes of the previous AGM.

(b)        to receive the Annual Report and Audited Balance Sheet and Financial Statement for  the previous year.

(c)        to receive and confirm the declaration of the Poll for the election of Officers of the  Association.

(d)        to consider and if appropriate to adopt (with or without modification) amendments to the Constitution of which due notice has been given.

(e)        to consider any notice of Motion of which due notice has been given in accordance with the Constitution.

(f)        to approve the remuneration of the Auditors for the previous year.


14.1     Special General Meetings may be called by the Management Committee.

14.2     Special General Meetings shall be called within twenty one (21) days of receipt of a petition  from no less that 15% of Ordinary Members of the Association specifying in detail the particular matter or matters in respect of which the Special General Meeting is to be called.

14.3     Fourteen (14) days notice shall be given to all Members stating the details of the matters for which the Special General Meeting has been called.

14.4     A quorum and procedures for dealing with adjournments shall be stated in paragraph 13.2 of this Constitution

14.5     The meeting shall consider only the specific matter or matters for which the meeting has been called, as specified in the notice concerning the meeting.

14.6     Minutes of the Special General Meeting shall be confirmed at the next Annual General  Meeting or Special General Meeting, whichever is the sooner.

15        BY-LAWS

15.1     The Management Committee has the power to make, vary or withdraw by-laws to facilitate the   operation of the Association. Any by-laws made shall be circulated to all Members and shall  become binding thirty (30) days after circulation unless there is a valid demand for a Special   General Meeting to rescind such by-law within that period, in which event the by-law will  become binding only upon approval at the Special General Meeting.

15.2     Subject to clause 15.3, any by-laws shall be binding on all Members.

15.3     In the event that a by-law is inconsistent with the express provisions of this Constitution, this  Constitution will prevail.


16.1     All notices required to be given by the Association shall be sufficiently served if forwarded in  writing by the most expeditious means at the time, including electronic transfer, to the Member’s last known address. The time at which the notice was dispatched and would be  delivered in the ordinary course shall be considered to be the time at which the notice was  received by the addressee.


17.1     All monies received by the Association shall be banked in an account or accounts at a      registered bank held in the name of the Association.

17.2     Any banking account in the name of the Association must bear two signatures on any cheque,  transfer of funds or other dealing with funds in the account. One of the signatories must be   the President and the other signatory must be a different person who is nominated by the  Executive for this purpose.

17.3     All payments made by or on behalf of the Association shall be by cheque, credit card or direct  bank transfer.

17.4     The Treasurer must ensure that the Association maintains books of account, in accordance  with Generally Accepted Australian Accounting Practice, showing all the financial transactions  of the Association.

17.5     The books of account shall be audited annually by the auditors appointed by the Association from time to time.

17.6     All Ordinary and Life Members may at any reasonable time, having given reasonable notice, inspect without charge the books, documents, records, other than the Members Register, and securities of the Association.

17.7     Any Member having a right to inspect under clause 17.6 may, at her or his own cost, make a  copy or take an extract from the record but may not remove the record for that purpose.


18.1     This Constitution may be changed by at least 75% of the financial members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting provided a notice of motion of the amendment has been  given in writing, signed by a mover and seconder, to the Secretary ten (10) days prior to the   said Annual General Meeting.


19.1     The income and property of the Association shall be applied solely to the promotion of its objects and no part thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend,  bonus or otherwise by way of pecuniary profit to the Members, provided that remuneration  may be paid in good faith to employees of the Association or other persons in return for  services rendered to, or expenses incurred on behalf of, the Association.

20        COMMON SEAL

20.1     The Association shall have a common seal on which its name shall clearly appear kept in the       custody of the Secretary; its use authorised by the Management Committee and noted in the  minutes.


21.1     A Special General Meeting called for the purpose of dissolving the Association may, by a 75%     majority of the Members present and entitled to vote, resolve to dissolve the Association. If    such resolution is confirmed by a similar majority at a subsequent Special General Meeting   held not less than twenty one (21) days and not more than thirty five (35) days thereafter the Association shall thereupon be dissolved.

21.2     If on winding up of the Association, any property of the Association remains after satisfaction  of the debts and liabilities of the Association and the costs, charges and expenses of that  winding up, that property shall be distributed

(a)        to another incorporated Association having objects similar to those of the Association; or

(b)        for charitable or benevolent purposes,

which incorporated Association or purposes, as the case requires, shall be determined by  resolution of the Members when authorising and directing the Committee under section 33(3)  of the Act to prepare a distribution plan for the distribution of the surplus property of the Association.