WASSRA has funds available for your WASSRA cell to access to facilitate PD in your area. Contact the WASSRA Professional Development Coordinator to help you organize this PD if you need advise. Perhaps you would like to bring in a speaker (non Dept of Education) to be part of your district’s PD. RCC’s may like to access funds to bring PD to the country

PD Submission Steps

If you would like to access the funds through WASSRA to help facilitate PD within your area, please liaise with WASSRA’s PD Coordinator. In areas where the cost may be higher funds can be pooled with other networks to achieve PD outcome

Step 1 – Organising/ Requesting your PD

1. Complete the Submission Form

2. PD Submission will be assessed at the next PD meeting

3. Approval notification will be issued via email to the organizer

4. Confirmation Letter of Approval will be sent to the organizer

Step 2 – On Completion of your PD

5. Please complete the Feedback Sheet and return to PD Coordinator

6. Please forward Voice article to Publications / PR

7. Send Expenditure Acknowledgement Sheet and any receipts sent to Treasurer for payment